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Easily practice sustainability and much more

Sustainability streams

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Competitive ranking


Showcasing your involvement can lead you to higher grounds. All of us and the planet will thank you for it, and you will eventually get incentivised for it


Constant evolution

(in development phase)


Growing with us, will lead to a new level of monetisation, and you as a sustainable user will be gaining from it. Yes, Blockchain here we come


Sustainable consumption


Whether you are making sure not to waste water or food, or puchasing eco-friendly products, this is the right place for you


Using alternative means of transportation


Stick around to find our more on how we tackle and reward this eco-friendly approach


Plant your tree


Download our App and start making your contribution as you see fit. One tree here, one tree there


Recycle your plastic

(where applicable)


Visit your nearest plastic Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) and scan your offset in our App. We are concious that this facility might not be present everywhere, but this is another reason why we are here to spread awareness and influence local authorities on adherence to it

Update in progress

Active users on our Sustainability App


Climate conscious people that are daily contributing either by planting trees, recycling plastic, limiting waste or just  making responsible purchases

A top rated organization


We are here to build this community and leave a legacy behind

Presence in many countries


As our reach is constantly expanding, so as our communities

Attendance on partner events


People are eager to participate in forestry initiatives

Partners onboarded


Non-governmental and non-profit organisations that are working with us

User base growth


Number of active App users keep growing organically


"Love the idea,

all-in-one location approach"

Michael K

"Great concept, curious to see

more as it develops."

Laura D


Stripe Climate Fighter

Trustworthy Company